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SXSW 2012: Follow Along For Updates All Festival Long (LIVEBLOG)

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Greetings from Texas! For the next 10 days, HuffPost Culture will be bringing you the best cultural news, thoughts and trends to come out of SXSW 2012. From the forward-thinking panels on where the future of the arts lies (iPad?) to the international music to Fiona Apple, we'll keep the news, big and small, rolling out here.

We'll also be tweeting our coverage, which you can follow @HuffPostCulture, along with your HuffPost Culture editors, Gazelle Emami (@gazellephant) and Mallika Rao (@mallika_rao).

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'I love SXSW, but I am fucking happy it's over.'

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We think this is Bryan Poole:


The band that inspires exclamatory coverage of their genitals performed at Clive Bar Saturday evening, and our friend Hannah Fearheiley instagrammed this excellent shot of, we think, Bryan Poole. If you know any better, comment away plz.

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@ Spinner : The Roots blurred genres, Bob Mould played Sugar faves and Blitzen Trapper made it look easy at the MOG party at #sxsw

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L.A. DJ Daedelus rocked the house at Empire Auto Saturday night, with a booming, dubstep-heavy set. We didn't have the best vantage point, but the the room was vibrating with sound from where we were, so we decided to give our eardrums a little break:


Watch Daedelus at work in a live set for KEXP:

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"It's a little scary sharing these songs with new people, but we're all friends, right?" she asked a crowd of a few hundred.

This was just the second time she's played in public the stylish yet deeply emotional material on the 12-song collaboration with Danger Mouse, out May 1.

-The Associated Press; go here to read more about the concert

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After hearing rumors in the crowd that the Fader Fort's special guest could be anyone from Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Deadmau5, Drake or Sleigh Bells, we ended up with none of the above, but a crowd-pleaser nonetheless: Rick Ross, ladies and gentlemen.


The crowd waits for the big reveal.

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At a 2 Chainz concert:


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Who sponsored just about half of SXSW shows.


Tito's takeover:


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A pretty dog takes in the scene in East Austin on Friday evening.


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Wiz gets ushered into the front door of Vibe's party featuring Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Big K.R.I.T. and more on Friday night. We sadly didn't make it inside this one, but hey! We saw Wiz, and a really rowdy crowd waving 0 bills trying to get in. So, evens out?


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We're heading to our favorite place to hang today -- the Fader Fort -- for a final day of music. The lineup includes SBTRKT, Mr. MFN eXquire, Dive, Kindness, Pure X, Nicolas Jaar and special guests -- we've heard rumors guests will include Lil' Wayne, but really it's anyone's guess. Follow along with Fader's livestream, and check back for the big special guest reveal!

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The crowds swarm all around the Doritos Jacked tent for GZA. Check out those massive bags of chips lining the top of the stage. #sxswcorporatetakeover


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24-year-old Canadian musician Grimes, aka Claire Boucher, enchanted the Spotify party crowd with her dream/electro pop on Thursday evening.


Listen to Grimes' Oblivion:

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Flying robot takes video of the crowd at the Spotify party on the roof of a parking garage on Thursday evening. Some later reported seeing it crash to the ground.


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Check out our full coverage of Fiona Apple's show and the new songs she premiered here.

Get a peek of Apple on stage performing "Fast As You Can":

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Django Django kills it:

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The bands are out in full force on this gloomy, warm Tuesday afternoon. So far we've caught Mexican band Bam Bam and then made our way to the Fader Fort, where we're camping out for the rest of the afternoon. Reasons we love the Fader Fort: free whisky lemonades, NY pizza, a "chill" room full of phone chargers and wi-fi and, of course, the bands (that start on time!). So far, East Londoners Django Django have made an impression:


As has this sign:


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SXSW: Where you can get a massage, Taco Bell, free drinks and free music all in the same place.


At the Hype Hotel party Tuesday night.

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"You guys are my people. So come get your books," he closed, waving to stacks of books on the stage.


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"Information wants to be free, but it also wants to be archived. Time is no kinder to information than it is to any mythical substance."

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We're coming to the predictions part of the speech...

"A new phenomena that I like to call the Stacks [vertically integrated social media]. And we've got five of them -- Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. The future of the stacks is basically to take over the internet and render it irrelevant. They're not hostile to the internet -- they're just [looking after] their own situation. And they all think they'll be the one Stack... and render the others irrelevant. And they'll all be rendered irrelevant. That's the future of the Stacks.

People like the Stacks, [because] the internet is scary now -- so what's the problem there? None of them offer any prosperity or security to their human participants, except for their shareholders. The internet has users. Stack people are livestock -- ignorant of what's going on, and moving from on stack to another. The Stacks really, really want to know you're a dog.

They're annihilating other media... The Lords of the Stacks. And they're not bad guys -- I'd be happy to buy them a beer. But really, a free people would not be so dependent on a Napoleonic mobile people. What if Mark Zuckerberg trips over a skateboard?

This structure won't last very long... But you're really core people for them and their interests. You are them. I'm them. And your kids are going to ask embarrassing questions about them. And there are voices here and there complaining about them, [like] Jonathan Franzen. He says Twitter is destroying literature. And he's right. So don't make fun of him. He's telling the truth."

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"There's a change in the crowd of people. I've seen SXSW people go by for a generation now, and there's something different about them, and the most obvious thing about them is the way they dress. It actually indicates something deeper, there's something semiotic, Gibsonian about people dressing better than musicians. When you showed up at SXSW X years ago, you were meeting guys in [t-shirts, jeans]... they're still here, but mostly that's the way your uncle looks now. Now they look put together, not like rich person, not like look at my sable fur... but like new shoelaces, done hair -- they look pretty nice. They're trying to live up to their products and services, which [didn't look nice] 20 years ago... but you [interactive people] are not anywhere near the film people -- you haven't yet eaten their industry totally the way you did with music some time ago.

But there's one thing that bothers me. Although SXSW people do look chic, it's a rather retro look. They don't actually look very futuristic. I would suggest, when you come back next year... come back in robotvision glitchcore. Man, you would rule the physical universe. It would be like a silent coup, people wouldn't know what to make of it. And it would outdo the film people."

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"[I'm] really liking Kickstarter, the type of project that shows up and gets funded... they're handing out more money than the NEA.. if this goes on, it won't be long before geek art... is our dominant means of popular expression. A tidal wave of Kickstarter tech art is going to sweep the land."

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"They suffer a lot, but they don't lie about their problems."

- Sterling on Mexicans and their narco-cultura

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"People show up to watch me... be grumpier every single year because objectively things are getting worse. We're fully vested in lying to ourselves about them."

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@ savlovauschron : SXSWi: A miasma of adulatory dread overhangs Ballroom D as we wait for Visionary-in-Residence Bruce Sterling to deliver the killing blow.

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The line wound all round the 4th floor of the convention center for sci-fi author/"transglobal futurist," "American original" (according to his introducer) Bruce Sterling, who's about to take the stage to deliver his traditional, impassioned thoughts closing out the interactive portion of SXSW. Stay tuned for notable quotables.

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"I think [radio] suffers from a handful of really important problems. It's not particularly satisfying for most people most of the time... It's primed to please a lot of people with a single playlist." - Tim Westergren, Pandora Media

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"First of all you need to write good songs."

Someone in the audience tries to start a slow clap and fails.

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