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Eric Cantor Confuses Fox Host Neil Cavuto For Bret Baier (VIDEO)

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor appeared on Fox Business Thursday night to discuss a range of topics including job growth and the Republican primary race with host Neil Cavuto.

The interview seemed like any standard cable news appearance, until about half way through the six-minute segment. Cavuto asked Cantor why he was the only top Republican in the House of Representatives to "go out on a limb" and support GOP candidate Mitt Romney. Cantor laughed and said, "I'll tell you this Bret, Mitt Romney is the only candidate in the race...who has put forward a pro-growth plan to get this economy back on track."

Cavuto did not immediately acknowledge that Cantor confused him with his Fox colleague, host Bret Baier, but did address the gaffe at the end of the segment.

"Eric Cantor, I know you talk to a lot of people. You called me Bret. That's ok," Cavuto said. "Oh Neil, I'm sorry," Cantor responded. Cavuto encouraged Cantor to call Baier Neil the next time he sees him. "It will drive him nuts. He has an ego the size of the Chrysler Building," Cavuto joked. Watch Cantor's gaffe in the video below, which comes at 3:50.


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