03/09/2012 02:22 pm ET | Updated Feb 02, 2016

Pat Robertson Advises Woman To Opt Out Of Sister's Lesbian Wedding

Pat Robertson has a simple solution for a woman on the fence about serving as a bridesmaid in her sister's same-sex wedding: don't do it.

As Right Wing Watch reports, the conservative evangelist sounded off on the woman's dilemma on the 700 Club.

"The answer is to tell your sister, 'I love you, but I cannot participate a ceremony that is contrary to God's word, period,' Robertson, a fierce opponent of gay rights, noted on the show. "If she doesn’t like it -- if that breaks the union between you -- that's tough luck."

Of course, this is merely the latest in a series of Robertson's ultra-right wing, anti-gay pleas. Check out some of his previous rants below:


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