03/12/2012 11:18 am ET

Famous Last Meals: Artist Henry Hargreaves Recreates Nine Death Row Inmates' Final Food Choices

You can have anything you want for dinner. The only catch is, this meal will be your last.

From the pecan pie that Ricky Ray Rector never ate to the least indulgent of last meals -- a single olive ordered by Victor Feguer -- a Brooklyn-based artist has recreated the final food orders for some of America's most infamous death row inmates.

"When you read about the death row inmates, they were just names and statistics," Henry Hargreaves said, according to the Daily Mail. "But once I found out about what they ate as their last meal, they began to come to life. I could see a little corner of their personality."

Hargreaves recreated the nine servings, taking into account the year in which they were served, before taking a diner's eye-view photo of each meal.

Check out a Hargreaves' work by scrolling through the slideshow:

Serial Killer Last Meals


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