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Mitt Romney Supports Orrin Hatch In New Ad

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In a new television ad released Monday, Mitt Romney speaks up for Sen. Orrin Hatch ahead of this week's Utah Republican caucuses. The spot was his second broadcast appearance for Hatch in March. At the beginning of the month, Romney recorded a radio ad for the veteran Utah senator facing reelection this year.

"We need strong leadership in Congress to fix the economy, and we can count on Senator Orrin Hatch in the fight to lower taxes, to balance the budget and repeal the federal government takeover of health care," Romney said in the TV spot.

The ad and its "With Experience Comes Strength" tagline offers a one-size-fits-both script for the two men. "We must elect those who have at their core a lifelong commitment to the conservative principles and personal liberties that build our country of America," Hatch said. "And we must empower those who have knowledge and experience to actually prevail in this important battle for the heart and soul of America."

The ad also focuses on economic plans popular with strongly conservative voters. Hatch is facing a potential challenge from grassroots conservatives in the caucuses on Thursday. He is hoping to avoid the fate of former Utah Sen. Bob Bennett, who was ousted by a similar Tea Party-driven movement in 2010.

Watch the full video below:

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