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Jon Stewart Mocks Media's Reaction To Kony 2012 Phenomenon (VIDEO)

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Comedy Central
Comedy Central

Jon Stewart mocked members of the media for what he said was their jealousy of the Kony 2012 phenomenon on Monday night.

"Kony 2012," a 30-minute video about the atrocities committed by Ugandan guerilla leader Joseph Kony, has gone viral in the past week.

Stewart said that the media has picked on a few aspects of the campaign, but seems most peeved that nobody paid attention to their own coverage of the story. "Mainly, the media just seems annoyed that it took this guy to get people to listen," he joked.

He replayed clips of Ann Curry on "Today," CNN's Anderson Cooper and ABC News' Jake Tapper all noting that their networks have been covering Kony for years.

He imitated the media complaining about the attention the campaign is getting. "I mean, what the f-ck? We're handsome, we're on TV, why won't Rihanna retweet our Kony stories?" Stewart whined.

He took yet another swipe at CNN and its gadgetry in his answer to that question. "It's because we stopped listening to the news media around the same time you went Princess Leia on your election coverage," he said, showing one of their infamous holograms.


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