03/14/2012 04:20 pm ET | Updated Mar 15, 2012

How To Live Like Beyonce? The Katydids, Chicago Comedy Troupe, Pay Tribute To Pop Diva (VIDEO)

Ever wonder how your life might be different if you were Beyonce Knowles, multi-Grammy-winning pop diva extreme?

If so, you're not alone: The Katydids, an all-female, Chicago-based comedy troupe faced the question head on in a new short film, released this week.

The video re-imagines the mundane realities of a trip to the grocery store's cereal aisle, a night out with a loved one and a tense meeting with a boss from the perspective of a Miss Knowles-esque existence.

"This is my relationship persona. I'm Janet Fierce!"

The Katydids have previously tackled other pop culture phenomena, including a parody of "Toddlers & Tiaras" and microwaveable dinners.

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