How To Live Like Beyonce? The Katydids, Chicago Comedy Troupe, Pay Tribute To Pop Diva (VIDEO)

03/14/2012 04:20 pm ET | Updated Mar 15, 2012

Ever wonder how your life might be different if you were Beyonce Knowles, multi-Grammy-winning pop diva extreme?

If so, you're not alone: The Katydids, an all-female, Chicago-based comedy troupe faced the question head on in a new short film, released this week.

The video re-imagines the mundane realities of a trip to the grocery store's cereal aisle, a night out with a loved one and a tense meeting with a boss from the perspective of a Miss Knowles-esque existence.

"This is my relationship persona. I'm Janet Fierce!"

The Katydids have previously tackled other pop culture phenomena, including a parody of "Toddlers & Tiaras" and microwaveable dinners.

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