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Obama Adviser Reveals Campaign's Secret Strategy (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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With the GOP primary grinding on, and the standing of the party’s eventual nominee shrinking by the moment, President Obama’s reelection is looking more and more likely. We think this is a very good thing. But it raises the question: which Obama will be re-elected? Will it be Campaign Obama, who has a phenomenal ability to inspire and to challenge a broken status quo? Or will it be Governing Obama who will seemingly do anything not to ruffle too many feathers? Much of the answer will depend on the standard we all hold him to.

To that end, HuffPost has commissioned a series of videos that will try to call attention to the contradictions found in the Obama vs Obama contest (for a fuller explanation of our thinking, check out Arianna’s new blog post).

The first video, as Arianna puts it, “takes on the idea, often put forth by various members of the Obama camp, that every compromise, capitulation, and seeming surrender the president makes is, in fact, just a brilliant strategy that we don't yet understand.” It’s an exclusive interview with Obama’s chief long-term strategist, David Lancer, who helpfully explains the president’s “long game” approach.

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