03/15/2012 05:12 pm ET

Movie Remakes: 'Psycho,' 'King Kong'; Comparing Old Stars With Their New Counterparts

Unfortunately, the oft-quoted Pablo Picasso remark, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal," doesn't always apply -- particularly when it comes to movie remakes.

That's not to say every film Hollywood decides to revisit is a complete waste -- once in awhile they manage to beat the original ("The Departed," "Ocean's 11"). In some cases, filmmakers will even honor the first by making the actors resemble their stars counterparts.

This weekend, another remake hits the big screen in "21 Jump Street." Although it doesn't exactly model the actors' looks off the '80s television program, it at least gives a nod to one of the original characters: Captain Richard Jenko. (Played by Frederic Forrest and Channing Tatum, respectively.)

In honor of "21 Jump Street," let's compare old stars with their remake counterparts.


New Movie Stars Playing Old Roles