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Another Woman Faints At Barack Obama Event

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Another one of President Barack Obama's speeches was interrupted Thursday when a woman fainted.

According to The New York Times, Obama had been criticizing his Republican rivals during the speech, which focused on energy policy, when he paused to alert officials that someone in the crowd had fainted.

The president then offered some advice to people attending his rallies.

"Remember next time, if you’re going to stand for a long time, you got to eat,” Obama said. “It’s true. You got to get something to eat. You got to get some juice."

The crowd laughed.

If Obama seemed calm during the situation, it's because this was the third time this month that someone has passed out at one of his campaign events. Obama interrupted his own event at a Daimler plant in Mt. Holly, N.C. last week when a woman standing toward the front of the audience passed out.

Obama told the crowd that "folks faint all the time at my events."

Another woman fainted during a speech at Nashua Community College in Nashua, N.H earlier this month.

In 2008 the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled "We Shall Be Overcome," which chronicled a series of Obama campaign events where women fainted.

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