03/18/2012 11:35 am ET | Updated Nov 19, 2012

Spring Greens Recipes: Classic Vs. Creative

Spring is on its way in, bringing with it a colorful assortment of peak-season produce, including cabbage's cousins collards and curly kale.

Known collectively as spring greens, the leafy veggies grace many of our Sunday dinner tables throughout the year, but January through April is when they're truly at their best.

Look for crisp green leaves with no yellowing, wilting or insect damage, and keep them refrigerated in a plastic bag for three to five days.

Here, we explored two takes on their traditional preparation -- boiled with a chunk of salted pork for flavor -- subbing in turkey wings for the pork in one (the modern classic) and adding a sweet foil to the savory bacon in the other (creative genius).

Which one gets your vote? The classic or the creative?