It's a man's world, as we explore what it takes to be a man of style and substance in our special "Gentlemen's Guide" this month.

But you know what they say...about that great woman behind every great man?

Gentlemen, meet Daisy Lewellyn, style expert, author and self-professed "Queen of Effortless Chic," who's worked her makeover magic on shows like Nate Berkus, Rachel Ray and Good Morning America.

"I love a stylish guy," Lewellyn says. "And I adore when men take the simple things and deems them strong, stylish and suitable."

Here, she brings her personal affects for a well-dressed man to a roundup of stylish items that she says should be at the top of every guy's fashion list this spring.


Colored Cashmere
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It's true, real men can wear color. Find the best shade that flatters your skin tone, pair with neutral khakis and watch the compliments flow in.

Cotton Cashmere V-Neck | Price: $165.00 | Ralph Lauren