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Obama Responds To Heckler During Energy Speech: 'You're Being Rude'

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President Obama directly addressed a heckler on Thursday, asking the man to stop "being rude" and interrupting his speech.

While speaking on energy at Ohio State University, Obama was interrupted by a man repeatedly shouting.

"Sir, I'm here to speak to these folks," Obama said to the man. "You can hold your own rally. You're being rude."

The man appeared to be holding up a book that he wanted the president to read. Obama asked the man to pass the book forward to his staff.

"Sir, I'm trying to talk to these people," Obama said. "I'll be happy to read your book. If you wanna give me your book, I'll be happy to read it. But don't interrupt my conversation with these folks. Alright? Show me some courtesy, alright?"

The president was in Ohio as part of a two-day tour aimed at promoting his energy policies and addressing growing concerns over high gas prices. Obama traveled to four states, where he defended his agenda and visited sites like a solar panel plant in Nevada and oil fields in New Mexico.

As The Hill reported, there were organized protests outside the university on Thursday, planned by activists who oppose Obama's support of constructing the southern portion of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. However, it is unclear whether the heckler was associated with these protests.


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