03/24/2012 06:24 pm ET | Updated Mar 24, 2012

Glen Folkard, Australian Shark Attack Surfer Lives To Show Off Scar And Tell Miraculous Survival Tale (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

An Australian surfer has lived to tell the tale of a shark attack so terrifying, that it would put Steven Spielberg's 'Jaws' to shame.

Forty-four-year-old Glen Folkard was surfing near Newcastle, 80 miles north of Sydney, Australia in January this year, when a bull shark came out of nowhere and threw him from his board. Folkard was pulled below the surface and the shark sunk its teeth into his thigh.


But when the animal released his grip for another go, Folkard seized the moment to escape and safely swam back to shore where two lifeguards helped him.

"He's hit me from underneath, he's grabbed me, he's turned me, took me under and then let go cause I think he had fiberglass in his mouth... and that was my chance," he added.

After spending several days in intensive care suffering from massive blood loss, Folkard came out alive, but not unscathed.

This isn't the first attack of its kind.

To see more photos of the aftermath of Glen Folkard's shark attack, check out the slideshow below.