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 |  By   |  Posted: 03/26/12 04:25 PM ET  |  Updated: 03/26/12 11:27 PM ET

Prom Proposals: 10 Cutest Videos On YouTube!

By Brie Hiramine

Big confession: I didn’t go to prom with a date. Instead, I went with a group of girlfriends, had way more fun than expected, and just chillaxed and ate five different types of desserts while other people slow danced. Though I had a good time, I still wonder how prom would have been different with a date who asked me as part of some grand, romantic gesture. When I’m feeling a little wistful for what never happened to me, looking at YouTube videos really brings out the girly side of my imagination — and provides a healthy, non-fiction alternative to watching The Notebook for the 60th time.

So join us in checking out these ten adorable prom proposals.

Which one would you most like to have happen to you? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • "Prom Song (Lianna, You're So Beautiful)" by Jason Pitts

    You've probably already seen this adorable vid of Jason Pitts serenading a girl named Lianna with his own original song and backup chorus, but this is pretty much a prom-asking internet classic.

  • Backstreet Boys Dance Number

    This throwback to the '90s is guaranteed to make you LOL. Look at those matching pants! Check out that choreography! OMG!

  • Adorable Serenading

    This guy changed the lyrics of P!nk's "Perfect" to send a simple message to his best friend about how much she means to him -- and how much he wants to go to prom with her. How <em>Glee</em> is this whole thing?!

  • 'Up'-themed

    The level of preparation that went into this is intense and must not be ignored. Plus, the movie <em>Up</em> is cute, but so unexpected when applied to prom!

  • Fake ASB Announcement

    The combination of guy and guitar is something that hasn't gotten old, and once combined with the classic fake announcement, must have surely come as a welcome surprise.

  • Loudspeaker

    This is one way to get a girl's attention. Nobody can get offended by flattery on such a large scale.

  • YMCA Proposal

    Let's hear it for... CUTE! PROM! PROPOSALS!

  • Follow the Arrows

    Spoiler: those bad boys lead to a girl who really wants to ask a guy out!

  • Shirtless Dancing

    It's always extravagant when tons of other people get involved, and who could say no to shirtless men dancing to Cascada? She didn't.

  • Fake Dance Team Audition

    How's this for a unique situation? Guy pretends to audition for the girl's dance team, when he really wants to ask her out. Hilarity (and pretty ridiculous dance moves) ensue.