03/27/2012 09:26 am ET | Updated Mar 31, 2015

The Easter Dessert Recipes You've Been Looking For

Half Baked Harvest

We all know that dessert is the best part of any meal. No matter how much we love our appetizers and mains, or how often we claim we're not that into sweets, there's something about eating dessert that makes any meal feel like a special occasion.

We're not talking about a little something sweet such as a cookie or brownie, we're talking real desserts; the kind that make you ooh and ahhh -- like towering layer cakes and sky-high pies.

It's not often that we indulge in elaborate desserts -- especially when cooking at home -- but it's the perfect time to make an exception when Easter is right around the corner. Your friends and family will be glad you did, even if they're not "dessert people." We've put together a collection of desserts just perfect for the holiday. All you have to do is pick one.

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Easter Recipes