03/27/2012 02:34 pm ET

William Levy Naked Photos: Did ABC Know About 'Dancing With The Stars' Contestant's Racy Images?

Just two weeks into this season of "Dancing With The Stars," a scandal has already erupted off the dance floor -- this time, involving some X-rated images.

A nearly-naked 2007 photo of contestant William Levy modeling N2N mesh underwear has surfaced, causing many to wonder what else will be exposed as the season progresses.

"I can tell you there was silence in the ballroom when William danced,” host Brooke Burke Charvet told me while she was in New York talking allergies and promoting Claritin. “I have never seen an audience react like that ever. You know his shirt will come off at some point.”

While Brooke didn't say she knew about the images, she did tease that a very simple Google search of Levy's name provides some pretty interesting results.

“Of course the producers knew the pictures existed,” an ABC insider tells me. “It’s not like he was involved in a crime or made X-rated porn. He was a model ... They are probably happy that this year, without any reality star train wrecks, William is giving the show buzz. Plus, I guarantee you lots of people will be tuning in again this week to see exactly who this William Levy is.”