03/29/2012 09:20 am ET

Dale Frank's Experimental Varnish Paintings (PHOTO)

Dale Frank is an Australian painter who has, over the past decade, become obsessed with varnish. Traditionally a resin that appears as a translucent sheen, Frank uses varnish like an abstract expressionist pushed to the limit. His materials seem to possess their own agency, the canvas showing the tumultuous relationship between process and result.

With bold colors and gestures, Frank's works pulse with an electricity all their own. Some parts of the canvas ooze organically while others move swiftly, taking you for a ride. With the unpredictable momentum of acid jazz, Frank's works are unique worlds unto themselves. A small sampling of titles ("Choking on tuna patticakes" and "Ryan Gosling") reveals a sense of humor behind the bold colors.

Frank's works caught our attention at Volta NY in early March; you can see more of his work at Anna Schwartz Gallery.

Dale Frank