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'Godzilla' Turkey Raps In New Music Video After Stalking Detroit-Area Woman (VIDEO)

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Godzilla the turkey drops his first fresh beat.
Godzilla the turkey drops his first fresh beat.

Detroit's come out with a turkey rap so fresh, you won't be able to stomach it.

Godzilla, the turkey known for stalking and attacking a Michigan woman every morning, is the star of a new hip-hop video in which daily assaults on 69-year-old Edna Geisler get a comedic treatment.

Godzilla was first made famous by the Detroit Free Press after he started pecking and intimidating Geisler every morning at 6 a.m. She even had to change her commute schedule to avoid her assailant.

Now, the flustered fowl's going platinum, signed by a production company called The Knightime Project.

Don't take it from us, watch the video -- and don't mess with Godzilla.

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