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Ron Paul: 'I'm Trying To Save The Republican Party'

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Ron Paul is not only still running for the GOP presidential nomination; he's "trying to save the Republican Party."

"The truth is, I'm trying to save the Republican Party from themselves because they want perpetual wars, they don't care about presidents who assassinate American citizens, they don't care about searching our houses without search warrants, and these are the kind of things people care about," Paul said on CBS' "Face the Nation."

Responding to a question about whether he'd continue running for office, he said, "The votes haven't been counted. ... There's no way I'm going to quit speaking out on this, and there's no way I'm going to give up on the effort to get the Republicans back to their roots."

The Texas representative also criticized the way that Republicans, as well as the Obama administration, have been handling the Afghanistan War.

"It was a waste, there's not gonna be a happy ending, and I think the Republicans have dug a hole for themselves because they're trying to out-militarize the president, say 'we should do more.' Yet 75 percent of the American people say 'we've had enough'," he said.

A recent poll showed that support for the war in Afghanistan has hit an all-time low among Americans. Sixty-eight percent think the war is going badly, and 69 percent think the U.S. should not be involved anymore.

Paul attacked Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich for not offering alternatives to the war.

"The other Republican candidates offer nothing more than a continuation of a status quo or actually increasing the militarism we have around the worst, so I think that's a losing position," he said.

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