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Dick Lugar, Richard Mourdock Go Negative In Indiana Senate Race

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Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.) and his GOP challenger, Indiana state treasurer Richard Mourdock, each released new attack ads Monday, with Lugar accusing his rival of selling out to "outsider groups" and "Mickey Mouse attacks," and Mourdock attacking Lugar on gas prices.

"Hoosiers need leaders who fight for us, but Richard Mourdock's already sold out to D.C. outsider groups, running his campaign on the backs of their money, and Mickey Mouse attacks,” says the narrator in Lugar's ad, quoting an editorial in The Wall Street Journal and accusing Mourdock of selling out.

Watch Lugar's ad:

Mourdock's ad accuses Lugar of trying to raise gas prices.

"Dick Lugar wanted to raise gas taxes a dollar a gallon. That’s right. Lugar wanted us to pay an extra dollar for every gallon of gas. That’s outrageous," the narrator says, referring to a 2009 column Lugar wrote advocating for a "tax shift" from payroll taxes to gas taxes.

Watch Mourdock's ad:

The battle between Lugar and Mourdock has become increasingly bitter in recent weeks. Indiana's primary is May 8.

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