04/03/2012 05:27 pm ET Updated Apr 04, 2012

MTA Jay Lhota: 7 Line Subway Extension To New Jersey 'Not Going To Happen'

Bloomberg may have touted his support to extend the No. 7 line to New Jersey, but according to MTA chief Jay Lhota, neither he or the mayor are going to be around to see the plan ever follow through. In fact, no one may be around.

Speaking at a New York Building Congress Forum, Lhota shot down the extension and said it is, "not going to happen in our lifetime," quickly adding, "It’s not going to happen in anybody’s lifetime."

The initial proposal, which aims to relieve commuter congestion both in and out of the city, was originally shut down by Governor Christie due to its heavy price tag. But in October, Bloomberg revived the project with a plan to extend the No. 7 line under the Hudson River to Secaucus in northern New Jersey.

But Lhota's remarks on Tuesday re-cast heavy doubt for the plan to ever come into fruition, as many believe the $10 billion costs and complicated development would be overwhelmingly challenging to successfully complete.

In response to Lhota, Bloomberg maintained positivity, "Hopefully it happens in somebody’s lifetime. Those people may not have been born yet whose lifetime it would be."

Based on some jeers the plan received back in 2010, including one New Yorker who bluntly expressed, "oh my God. Eek! You'll come back with germs," it doesn't look like there will be too much of a fallout over the plan's imminent doom.