04/03/2012 09:47 am ET | Updated Apr 03, 2012

Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams Clash Over Sarah Jones Bengals Cheerleader Case On 'Good Morning America'

HLN host and former "Dancing with the Stars" competitor Nancy Grace appeared on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday and clashed with ABC's legal analyst Dan Abrams.

Grace and Abrams were asked to comment on the case involving former Cincinnati Bengals head cheerleader Sarah Jones and her mother. Jones, a former high school teacher, has been accused of sexually abusing a student. Her mother, a middle school principal, allegedly attempted to cover up the crime. Both women pled not guilty to charges on Monday.

Grace referred to the charges as "an alleged felony, a sex crime against a minor." Grace said that Jones was "getting off easy" since the charges did not include intercourse with a child. "It's something less than that including electronic purveyance of sex images," she said.

Abrams said, "Yeah but Nancy is a victims' rights advocate should also care how the victim feels in this particular case and his mother." Grace attempted to interrupt but host Katie Couric told her to let Abrams finish.

When Grace responded to Abrams, she seemed quite perturbed by his previous comment. "Number one, Dan Abrams, I am a crime victim, a tangental victim of murder. So don't you sitting up on Park Avenue tell me, a crime victim, about what a victims' advocate should or should not do. Number one."

The two legal minds clashed over the fact that the victims' family apparently does not want the court to prosecute the case. Grace said that the case should continue regardless and the victim will be glad that "someone stood up for him" one day.

She added, "If this were a male predator, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. You're just all hung up that she's a hot Bengals cheerleader, so just get over that Dan Abrams."

This is not the first time Grace and Abrams were at odds with one another. After Grace made controversial comments following the death of Whitney Houston, the two media personalities had a heated clash on air.


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