04/03/2012 01:42 pm ET | Updated Jun 03, 2012

New Miami Dolphins Uniforms: Nike Debuts Fresh Aqua And Orange Elite 51 Gear (PHOTOS)

The 2012 Dolphins are going to be a whole new look after trading Brandon Marshall and letting potato-noggined QB Chad Henne ride off into the sunset. But the fresh face of the Fins doesn't end there: they're getting brand new uniforms from Nike, too!

The swoosh has just released images of Miami's new Nike Elite 51 gear, a new system that reportedly reduces weight with "flywire technology" and fits like shrink-wrap over pads with a new four-way stretch fabric. Oh, and it's also got "sleeve articulation," whatever that is, and is supposedly harder to tug.

As far as Dolphins fans are concerned, the team could wear hot dog costumes on the field as long as they start winning again. That said, there's no time to geek out over the release of new gear like today: check out those fancy gloves! fancy prices! Okay, paying $250 for the Elite 51 is going to make this slightly less exciting.

Photos courtesy Nike:

Nike's New Dolphins Uniforms