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Runway To Win Design Challenge Invites Obama Supporters To Contribute (PHOTOS)

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Calling all FIT students: here's the latest way to get involved in President Obama's 2012 campaign.

Runway to Win, fashion designers' effort for Obama's reelection campaign, is holding a Design Challenge in which amateur designers can submit their designs to the current collection of Runway to Win gear.

"Folks" (to use the campaign's exact terminology) can design a unisex crewneck tee, an oversized women's tee or a tote bag. If your design is selected, it will be sold in the Runway to Win collection, right alongside the likes of Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler, Jason Wu, Diane Von Furstenberg and more.

Cool as that sounds, that's not the best part. The kicker? The winning designers will each receive a fully produced version of their item autographed by Anna Wintour.

Last we checked, neither our Rick Santorum sweater vests nor our Mitt Romney "Super Fan" tees came with the same bonus.

Go to to submit your hope/change/"Yes, we can!" themed design. Or, if you're feeling less than confident in your artistic abilities, simply scoop up some pre-designed gear from the Runway To Win collection. Check out the goods below.

Runway to Win Chicago-Bound
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