04/04/2012 12:05 pm ET

9 Awesome Pics Of Celebrities At Bonnaroo (PHOTOS)

For those who have attended Bonnaroo, an annual music festival held on a Tennessee farm, frayed wristbands and old t-shirts from the four-day event are like trophies; They're tokens to remind them of their triumphs (pushing their way to the front of the MIA set) and hardships (losing their handheld camera while doing so).

It's a far cry from South by Southwest or Coachella, where attendes shack up in hotel rooms between shows. It's also not quite the off-the-grid Woodstock reenactment that is Burning Man, though from our experiences not showering is preferable to the ten bucks vendors will charge you for five minutes under running water and a handful of shampoo. It's a singular event where your fellow campers can become your future pen pals, and where memoires great and terrible (i.e., Kanye West being booed off stage after showing up three hours late) are made.

Here are some photos of the greater moments, as cataloged in "Bonnaroo: What, Which, This, That, The Other" [Abrams, $19.95].