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Mitt Romney Video: Obama Slinging Mud, 'Err, Oil' To Distract From Gas Prices

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The Mitt Romney campaign released a web video on Wednesday attacking the president for gas prices.

The Obama campaign is "spending millions to sling mud -- err, oil, at Mitt Romney," a male voice says in the ad. "But Obama's mud can't cover up his failed energy policies, policies that are hurting small businesses and working families."

The video shows prices of gas in 2009 and 2011 in the five states where Obama is currently running ads: Ohio, Iowa, Virginia, Florida and Nevada. It continues to say Obama caused those high prices by "block[ing]" the Keystone pipeline and passing cap-and-trade legislation.

Romney also said in a speech on Tuesday evening that Obama is responsible for higher gas prices.

"When you drive home tonight and stop at a gas station, just take a look at the prices and ask yourself, 'Four more years?'" he said.

Priorities USA, a super PAC that supports Obama, released an ad last Friday defending the president's record on oil prices and tying Romney to Big Oil instead. That video was a response to an anti-Obama ad from a Republican-leaning nonprofit, American Energy Alliance, that said Obama's policies would lead to $9 gas.

"Who's behind this ad smearing President Obama? Big Oil, that’s who," a voiceover says in that ad. "The money they make from high gas prices -- is going right into Mitt Romney's campaign."


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