04/04/2012 01:51 pm ET

'Tabatha Takes Over' Finale: Tabatha Cleans Up A Disgusting Bed And Breakfast (VIDEO)

On the season finale of Bravo’s “Tabatha Takes Over," Tabatha headed to a bed-and-breakfast in Los Angeles to revamp it. It’s a private home that owner Dianne Bennett, a former music columnist for The Hollywood Reporter, converted it into a B&B. And it was pretty gross.

Tabatha found hairs on the guest-pillows, bad fruit left out so long that it attracted fruit flies, dirty dishes and literally, a hole in the wall.

But maybe the saddest part of the situation was Bennett's nostalgia for her Hollywood glory days.

“My average guest has a typical, dull, middle-American life, she explained. “I was the No. 1 music columnist ever. We went to show biz restaurants, lots of celebrities and dinners with famous people.”

Bennett’s former employer, The Hollywood Reporter, spoke to her about the episode, and Bennett explained that she’s a high-concept person who's just not into the details.

RealityTVmagazine pointed out her less-than-stellar attitude that doesn't seem to jive with the hospitality industry.

But luckily Tabatha took over, and turned the inn into a snazzy spot.

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