04/05/2012 04:14 am ET

'Happy Endings' Finale: Brian Austin Green Is Penny's Wedding Skype Buddy (VIDEO)

After a second season that saw the series gain both in critical acclaim and critical buzz, "Happy Endings" (Wed., 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC) closed out its sophomore run in much the same way it began its series run. The gang came together at a wedding. But while that wedding was a disaster between Dave and Alex that never happened, this wedding saw the pair of them in a much better place. And suddenly Dave at the center of a potential three-part love harmony.

Mere moments after Penny wrestled with her own feelings for Dave, he and Alex shared an intimate moment, some meaningful glances, and finally closed the night by clasping hands while watching the reunion of Max's all-male Madonna tribute band, Mandonna.

But while Penny may have had some confused feelings about Dave, she had no confusion about the instant connection she shared with guest star Brian Austin Green as Chris, a man with a broken leg "attending" the wedding via Skype. They met when Penny was put in charge of the Skype table. But when their connection crapped out, Chris was so interested in her, he had a friend drive him to the wedding so they could sort of dance together.

The big change in the group dynamic for this finale came with Brad, who was abruptly and unexpectedly fired from his seemingly high-paying job. He spent much of the week terrified to tell Jane, but finally broke down and let her in on the potentially huge life change facing them. But this is Brad, so it's hard not to imagine him bouncing right back.

"Happy Endings" has yet to secure a third season officially from ABC, though things are looking positive for the ensemble show.

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