04/05/2012 01:42 pm ET

Lola, Miracle Puppy, Survives After Being Thrown From Third-Story By Owner Kendria Dexter In Mobile, Alabama

Lola's veterinarian is calling her a "miracle" after the 9-week-old puppy was thrown from a third-story balcony -- and incredibly, has managed to survive.

The puppy's owner, Kendria Dexter, tossed the long-haired dachshund off the balcony during an argument with her roommate, Fox News 10 reports.

Lola landed about 15 to 30 yards from the apartment block in Mobile, Ala., and though her fall was cushioned slightly by a patch of grass, she suffered critical injuries.

According to Dexter's roommate, Andrea Griffin, the argument had been over a pair of headphones.

"I guess she got so upset about the argument, she tossed the dog, saying that the dog was the initiator," Griffin said.

Lola was brought to the South Alabama Spay & Neuter Centre. She arrived virtually comatose with severe internal injuries including liver damage, the Daily Mail reports.

Her vet, Dr. Jeni Knizley, initially gave her a 10 to 15 percent chance of survival.

Dexter, who Griffin said has neglected her puppy in the past, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Griffin said that her roommate's punishment was necessary.

"It was uncalled for and all of this could have been avoided,” Griffin told the Press-Register. “If I hadn't been the one to press charges against her, she wouldn't have cared. She did a fatal thing to a puppy that was just sitting in the room minding its business."

Though Lola is doing remarkably well despite the severity of her injuries, Knizley warned that her condition could take a turn for the worse.

"She's definitely a miracle," said Knizley. "She has had the most wonderful attitude. She had a strong will to be here and is a really sweet, sweet precious baby."

Want to donate to Lola? Go to Save A Stray or directly to the clinic.