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'The Client List' On Lifetime With Jennifer Love Hewitt And More Memorable TV Prostitutes

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: Updated: 04/09/2012 2:03 pm

Client List
"The Client List" with Jennifer Love Hewitt and more TV characters who get paid for sex.

For Jennifer Love Hewitt, one time playing an erotic masseuse on TV just wasn't enough. "The Client List," the made-for-TV movie she earned a Golden Globe nomination for, is now making its debut as a TV series (premieres Sun., Apr. 8, 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime). They've made a few changes -- her name is Riley instead of Sam, and she's now a struggling single mom -- but one major thing is still the same: She's raking in the big bucks selling sex. And she's not alone.

In honor of the many "happy endings" we're sure viewers will see in "The Client List's" first season, we rounded up some of TV's other memorable strumpets, call girls, manwhores, gigolos, ladies of the night and hookers with hearts of gold.

We now get to see the real deal in action on Showtime's racy reality show "Gigolos," but remember Tori Spelling's controversial turn in "Co-Ed Call Girl"? How about HBO's well-endowed male prostitute on "Hung"? There are even hookers on more wholesome shows, like "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." Seriously.

So click into our gallery -- free of charge -- to see some more surprising examples of stars who've loved like pros on the small screen.

Tori Spelling as Joanna, "Co-Ed Call Girl"
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Most struggling college students wait tables or tend bar to help with tuition, but not this "Co-Ed Call Girl." Prostitution pays, but Joanna soon learned that the money came at a price.