What Art Would You Like To See Before You Die?

04/06/2012 01:55 pm 13:55:14

It is one of those questions we hear over and over but rarely thoughtfully answer: What do you want to do before you die? Now The Huffington Post is challenging you to really think long and hard about the question, and giving you the motivation to do so.

The idea sprung from a new book by the same title, which shows that sometimes realizing a dream is the hardest part of achieving it. HuffPost is taking this inspirational message to next level: We want to help you achieve your one greatest dream.

The project will primarily inspire each person to think on a single life goal and what can be done to make that dream a reality. But if that doesn't sound like enough incentive for you, listen up. A HuffPost team, along with the writers of the book, will pick pick a shortlist of the very best ideas. Then you'll be invited to vote for the winner -- and we will work to make that person's dream come true.

For all you dear arts readers, we ask you: What is one artwork, artist, or museum you would like to see before you die? Do you have a different sort of artistic dream? Share your bucket list with us! Would you want to visit the house where Leonardo grew up? Have a drunken night with Damien Hirst? Show your own work in a New York gallery? Email us the one thing you'd love to do before you die, and why you deserve to do it. Let us know why this means so much to you, who it will impact, and when you want to do it.

Email with your most compelling story, telling us exactly what you'd like to do. Feel free to add any supplemental material that you think will help your case (this could be photo, video, collage, art, etc). We'll also need your contact information.

Deadline: 5pm EST on 4/19/2012.

One entry per person.

We'll pick 10 semi-finalists to feature on The Huffington Post and open up a round of voting to our community.

The story entrant with the top number of votes will be contacted and we'll help you live out your dream!
Click here to read the complete rules of the competition and click here to see some inspirational examples of everyday dreams from the book itself.

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