04/09/2012 09:19 am ET

'Hey Arnold!' Movie Spoof: Cartoon Becomes Sexual Thriller (VIDEO)

Get ready to never be able to watch "Hey Arnold!" the same again. In this new movie trailer spoof from DrCoolSex, the creator behind the viral "Doug" movie trailer, the beloved '90s Nickelodeon cartoon becomes a psycho-sexual thriller.

Arnold has lost his football-shaped head and is still very much involved with Lila ... until Helga resurfaces. She's lost her unibrow, but the Arnold shrine has grown, as has her obsession. Think "Fatal Attraction," but there's a pig instead of a rabbit.

All your favorite characters are back, like Grandpa, Stoop Kid, Harold, Eugene and Phoebe.

Check out the full trailer below, but be warned, you may not be able to think about your childhood the same way.

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