When he's not on set of "The Soup" or "Community," Joel McHale can usually be found speeding around Hollywood in his silver Porsche -- unless he's filming a viral parody ad.

The actor and comedian allowed a camera crew to track his behind-the-scenes movements for in his regular routine as part of Morgan Spurlock's "Day In The Life" series on Hulu.

Spurlock -- known for his original documentaries, particularly 2004's "Super Size Me" -- and his camera crew followed McHale from his first step into E Studios until he drives off into the dusk after a long day of filming.

"What I love about Joel is watching him get inside his car and take off, leaving our crew in the dust in literally seconds as he zips around town," Spurlock told The Huffington Post. "I hope people see how quickly Joel tries to get places in his career."

McHale dished out saucy one-liners as he described how he got the position as host of the E! commentary show and what he likes most about “Community.”

To save you 23 minutes (not including ad time), we’ve compiled the 14 key moments of a “Day In The Life” of Joel McHale in the gallery below.

Green Curtain And One Camera
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"My wife and I basically made a five-year plan... If things weren't going within five years, then I'd go back to Seattle and do weather and traffic."

After booking "The Soup" in 2004, McHale told his wife: "this is almost a TV show, hun. Look, we have a green curtain and one camera."

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