04/09/2012 05:33 pm ET | Updated May 09, 2012

Victoria's Secret Orders Go Up In Smoke After UPS Truck Bound For South Florida Catches Fire

Miamians waiting on hot lingerie will have to cool their heels for a little while longer.

A UPS truck carrying Victoria's Secret orders to South Florida customers caught fire, according to Local 10, prompting the company to send an email notice that deliveries would be delayed and all would receive free shipping.

Clearly, the company's Angels must have been watching over something else: according to Local 10, the entire trailer full of lacy unmentionables was lost. Read the report here.

While Victoria's Secret would no doubt enjoy bragging its lingerie is too hot to handle, more ordinary objects have also gone up in smoky UPS trucks. In January, a UPS truck in Houston carrying ammunition fell on its side and caught fire, causing one of the bullets to explode and hit a fire truck.

A big rig went up in flames in 2007 in Orem, Utah when a box of weather-proof matches caught fire.

And during the 2009 Christmas season in Zephyr, Texas, gifts went up in smoke when a UPS vehicle succumbed to engine trouble and caught fire.

WATCH: Victoria's Secret items that could have been lost in the fire: