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Jalen Rose Calls Out Skip Bayless On High School Basketball Lie (VIDEO)

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The polarizing career of ESPN loud-talker Skip Bayless may have reached a new low on Tuesday morning during an episode of "First Take." During a debate about the NBA MVP race, Bayless got called out by Jalen Rose for lying about his high school basketball exploits. Not surprisingly, the events leading up to confrontation began with Bayless ranting about a professional athlete.

On March 31, Bayless tweeted that the Oklahoma City Thunder would be doomed if Russell Westbrook continues to play point guard instead of taking more of a scoring role. Seemingly to back up his assertions about the best use of Westbrook, Bayless added two more tweets citing his own high school basketball career at Northwest Classen High. Not only did Bayless claim that he started for the team that lost in the state finals in Oklahoma in 1970, he even compared himself to NBA legend "Pistol Pete" Maravich.

Skip Bayless
Tall for age in 9th grade, chosen MVP of state-wide basketball camp over several future D1 players. Decided I was Maravich. Coach disagreed.

Skip Bayless
FYI: I started for high school team that lost in state finals. Coach didn't like me b/c I shot too much and he wanted me to be more PG.

A thorough investigation of Bayless' claims by The Lost Ogle revealed that he played on the Junior Varsity team in his junior year and only averaged 1.4 points per game during his senior season. Sports By Brooks reported that Bayless didn't even register any statistics in his team's state final loss.

Fast forward to Tuesday's edition of "First Take," where Bayless appeared alongside Rose, a highly successful guard at every level of the game. When the discussion turned to traditional basketball positions and roles, Bayless challenged Rose, asking what role he played during his professional career.

But Rose fired back quickly, shoving those fraudulent claims back in Bayless' face.

"What were you? Did you average 1.4 points as a senior in high school?" Rose asked, while Bayless tried to deflect the question and move on. "All of that Pistol Pete stuff? Water Pistol Pete Junior."

Bayless responded by saying that the two will address his high school career later in the program, but Rose kept going.

"Don't ignore that. Did you play JV as a junior?.. Okay."

Bayless recoiled and seemed uncomfortable after Rose's comments, a scene far too familiar lately for the man who makes a living calling athletes out on what he thinks they do wrong inside and outside their respective sports.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs turned the tables on Bayless when he appeared on the show following a loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game in January. After the ESPN personality suggested that Suggs was making excuses for losing (which never happened), the linebacker responded by asking him not to be a "douche bag."

A few days later, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe blasted Bayless on Twitter with a series of insults for saying he hated field goal kicking and referring to Ravens kicker Billy Cundiff as a "nonplayer."

Then, of course, there's Charles Barkley, who has repeatedly spoken out on his hatred for Bayless.

Maybe since he's been catching some flack from all angles lately, Bayless might be a bit more understanding about the missteps and flaws of others.. but that looks highly doubtful.

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