04/11/2012 11:12 am ET | Updated Apr 11, 2012

Obama Holding Books (PHOTOS)

The Obamas celebrated Easter weekend with an egg hunt and a reading of "Where The Wild Things Are" (a book they read at the same event in 2009). Their daughters, Malia and Sasha, joined in on the literary activities by reading from "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" by Philip C. Stead.

This is not the President's first foray into the literary world. He's been caught on camera reading in libraries and elementary schools across the country, and as far as we can tell this isn't just a publicity stunt; Last year he had a 6,500-page reading list including fiction by David Grossman and Ward Just.

President Obama has become something of an expert holder of books, a feat fortunately captured by the nation's press.

Here's our round up of how to hold a book like a President: