04/11/2012 11:34 am ET

Can There Ever Again Be An 'All-American' Beauty?

(CNN) - As 18-year-old Giovana Frediani and her friends stood in front of the mirror to prep for a night out, one girl turned around and complained that her backside was getting big.

It was that moment when Giovana -- popular, fashionable Giovana -- felt the knock of self-doubt.

As usual, she dressed to accentuate her curves, a typical style among her Latina family and friends. But these friends were from a predominantly white area in Oakland. In her eyes, there was nothing oversized about them.

"If she was saying that about her own body, then she must have been thinking the same way about mine," said Giovana, an American high school senior who grew up in a mostly Latino and black area of Oakland.

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