04/12/2012 08:33 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Etsy Shop Tour: Inside Accessory Designer Yokoo Gibraan's Studio

It's a special thing to do what you love. And, for Etsy seller and accessory designer Yokoo Gibraan, she can't imagine doing anything else outside of handcrafting her knitwear and jewelry.

To date, she has knit over 1,582 hats and scarves, most of which are made from a soft, wool-blended yarn. Her designs range from chunky infinity scarves to innovative statement jewelry. The Euthenia choker, for instance, looks like a mod rock 'n' roll metal chain but is softened by the yarn's texture. Yokoo also recently launched another Etsy shop called xMotherx, where she offers rustic-inspired garments like country dresses and floral aprons.

We can tell by the perfectly stacked vintage issues of Vogue and the neat yarn spools lining her shelves that perfectionism is the key to her craft. "My work is a direct reflection of my personality. Work to me isn't hard. It's not tried; it's who I am," says Yokoo, who describes herself as "hardcore." "There's no room to be mediocre...I immensely enjoy being great."

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