04/12/2012 12:26 am ET

Reggie Watts' Improvisation Is A Science (VIDEO)

Reggie Watts is a goofy, incredibly talented musician, comedian and all-around performer. We stumbled upon a video via the Atlantic of a deconstruction of Reggie Watts' improvisational skills. The video, produced by Ronen V, is a clever perspective on the man.

"Reggie Watts: Improvised Deconstruction" is nearly eight minutes of Watts layering beats mostly made with his mouth (with the little help of a couple boxes of DJ technology). He begins with a simple beatboxing rhythm, then adds layer upon layer until he has a pretty catchy song.

Keep in mind this song is completely improvised. The video is a smart way to properly display the quirky and complicated work of an artist like Watts.

Watch "Reggie Watts: Improvised Deconstruction":