This Week In Adoptable Animals: A Deaf Dog With Her Own Guide Dog

04/13/2012 05:19 pm ET

WASHINGTON -- We have some real charmers for you this week, including a beautiful dog named Pebbles who is deaf, and who comes with her very own guide dog named Josie.

Two of this week's dogs will be especially grateful for happy new homes. Hubert and Hugo were recently brought to the Washington Humane Society for emergency care after sustaining serious injuries -- these guys are just two of the more than 1,400 animals whose sad stories are investigated by WHS law enforcement every year.

They're looking for new homes now, and like all the animals in this week's slideshow of adoptable animals, they are ready for some serious love.

We are always happy to hear from area rescue groups -- email us at Readers: we love hearing about your pets, too!