04/13/2012 09:39 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Are Some Of The Best Beauty Products Made For Men? (PHOTOS)

As ladies, we have a lot to choose from when it comes to beauty. Really too much. With a zillion creams, stylers and products that all serve seemingly different purposes, it can get overwhelming, at best. Meanwhile, dudes have fewer things to worry about in the grooming department -- and they might be on to something. While they have decidedly less to choose from (doesn't every guy you know wear Old Spice deodorant?), their edited-down arsenal of products manage to get the job done. All without being fussy.

Really, why should we limit ourselves to products just targeted towards women? We'll admit that the woodsy-soapy smell common in lots of guys products is actually a refreshing departure from the often overly-sweet notes found in our stuff. F.S.C. Barber knows what's up. The New York-based old timey barbershops have captured that scent in their new very manly candle. Poured into a speckled enamel camping cup, they've created a robust blend of cypress, cedar wood, sandalwood, lime and myrtle. Basically, it smells like a man in the forest. Which is ok with us.

From Mach 3 razors to dopp kits, check out the men's products we use below. Tell us -- do you use any products originally intended for the fellas?

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