Sacha Goldberger's grandmother is anything but frail, and he has pictures to prove it. In his new book, "Mamika My Mighty Little Grandmother," Goldberger unveils the sassy and adorable powerhouse that is his grandmother, Frederika.

The book features color photos -- taken over the course of three years -- of the 93-year-old Hungarian grandmother wearing vibrant costumes in hilarious situations. Her nuggets of wisdom are scattered throughout.

Check out the slideshow below for a peek at what you will find in "Mamika."

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  • 'Mamika'

    Sacha Goldberger's "Mamika My Mighty Little Grandmother" tells the tale of 93-year-old Frederika, Goldberger's grandmother, through a series of hilarious and delightful photographs three years in the making.

  • Goldberger writes: "This is very convenient if you're looking for someone who's often mooning."

  • Goldberger writes: "You must smoke Cubans."

  • From Goldberger's section "Super Mamika" where Frederika poses in a superhero costume in several scenarios.

  • Goldberger writes: "On that day, Super Mamika's powers were on strike. It took three of us to get her up onto the washing machine."

  • In one section, Mamika finds herself in a number of interesting situations with a chicken.

  • From the section on the "Recipe For Mamika's Paprika Chicken."

  • In one section, a furry friend lends Mamika a helping hand -- er, paw.

  • Goldberger writes: "On that day the entire Place Vendôme smelled like peaches."

  • Goldberger writes: "Looking like Flipper the Dolphin's grandmother."

  • Goldberger writes: "We took this picture at seven in the morning. There is no trick. It was amazing, seeing her like this, all alone on the Place de l'Étoile, sitting on an exercise bike."