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94-Year-Old Billionaire Engaged: Karl Wlaschek Will Tie The Knot For The Fifth Time

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You can never be too old -- or too rich -- to get married.

Ninety-four-year-old Austrian billionaire Karl Wlaschek will be tying the knot for the fifth time this week, according to a Vienna Times report.

The business mogul earned his fortune by founding European supermarket chain Billa, and is the fifth oldest billionaire in the world. He announced his engagement to girlfriend Friederike 'Ricki' Schenk this weekend at one of his own properties, a five-star hotel.

Wlaschek still has a sense of humor about marriage, despite four previous divorces. When asked why he was getting married again, he joked that he wanted to have "another five or six children, at the very least." Wlaschek currently has four children.

And despite the fact that Schenki won't reveal her age, the bride-to-be hinted that babies might be a longshot, saying: “I am not so sure, after all, I am not so young anymore.”

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