04/17/2012 01:31 pm ET

Mindless Behavior Contest: The 9 Winners From The 'SchoolTube Goes Mindless' Competition! (WATCH)

Now here's a celebrity trend we can totally get behind: Some of our favorite musical acts, from Lady Antebellum to Justin Bieber, are taking time away from their world tours and super-busy schedules to visit high schools across the country. Lady Antebellum recently chose a winner for the "Own Your Prom" contest -- a tornado-ravaged high school in Henryville, Indiana -- and will be playing at the school's prom next month. And Bieber made a stop at a high school in Boca Raton, Florida to congratulate three teens who raised over $50,000 for his charity, Pencils of Promise. The latest group to jump on the bandwagon is up-and-coming R&B group, Mindless Behavior, who partnered with video-sharing site schooltube.com for theGoing Mindless SchoolTube competition. Students uploaded short videos demonstrating how they go "mindless," and the grand prize winners will receive a Mindless Behavior concert for their entire school.

So what is going mindless, exactly? The four young members of Mindless Behavior -- Royal Roc, Ray Ray, Princeton and Prodigy -- told the Huffington Post: “If y'all are confident and not afraid to stand out, you're mindless. If you get good grades in school, you're mindless. If you aren't afraid to express yourself, you're mindless.”

The video entries showcased student talent in the four categories of Stage Stars, Science & Math, Art & Bookies and Change-Makers. One to three winners were chosen for each category, as well as the two grand prize winners. Demonstrating how teens 'go mindless' by dancing, reading, or making a difference in their communities -- in short, by following their passions -- the nine winning video entries in the slideshow below will inspire you to figure out what makes you go mindless.

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