04/19/2012 04:02 pm ET

Drunk Makeup Tutorial Is A Must-See For Day Drinkers (NSFW VIDEO)

You didn't ask for it, and now here it is: a guide to putting on makeup while drunk.

Jenna Marbles, whose previous videos include "How Girls Watch TV" and "My Neighbor Is A Bitch," brings us a "Drunk Makeup Tutorial" specially geared toward day drinkers.

WARNING: NSFW language ahead.

"No one ever talks about how hard it is when you go out day drinking and everyone goes 'alright yeah, rally in a few hours and then let's go out,'" Marbles muses. "How fucking impossible it is to put makeup on and get ready when you're drunk?"

But never fear, Marbles is on the case.

"Sometimes you'll realize you're using blush for your eyeshadow and that's a mistake," she says. "It happens. Just blend it out."

She even imparts life lessons.

"You can't live life fucking half-assed," Marbles insists. "You gotta close your eye and get that shit on there."

Get all the hot tips in the NSFW video below:

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