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National High Five Day: President Obama's Best High Fives (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post  |  Posted: 04/19/2012 12:31 pm Updated: 04/19/2012 12:31 pm

What better way to celebrate National High Five Day than showcasing one of the country's premier high-fivers: President Barack Obama. Obama has taken this artform to heights that no president in history could have ever imagined, and, frankly, future presidents will have a tough time replicating his feats.

So before we celebrate the day by high-fiving friends, co-workers and strangers, let's take a moment to appreciate a real high-fiving pro. Don't forget to vote for Obama's most impressive high five!

  • High Five Step One

    President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron put on a high five clinic. Step one: open your hand, lift it up to eye level and prepare for contact.

  • High Five Step Two

    Bring your the palm of your hand into the palm of the other person's hand at considerable force and speed. When executed properly, the high five should make a sound that is audible within approximately ten feet.

  • High Five Step Three

    (FOR ADVANCED HIGH FIVERS ONLY) Grab the other person's hand and transition into a handshake.

  • Easter High Five

    The White House Easter Egg Roll is the perfect opportunity for a high five.

  • Elevated High Five

    A little elevation can make a high five even more effective.

  • High Five-athon


  • Jumping High Five

    Getting fancy with this high five.

  • High Five Swoop

    Put your hands up, he'll swoop around and high five them.

  • Lakers High Five

    Phil Jackson approves of this high five.

  • Air Force One High Five

    Most people are tired after a plane ride and not in the mood for high fives, but not President Obama.

  • Reaching High Five

    Needed to reach down to get the high five, but he got the job done.

  • Healthcare Reform High Five

    Celebrating passing some healthcare reform with a big high five.

  • Malia High Five

    Some quality father-daughter high fiving.

  • High Five Boost

    A team effort.

  • Christmas High Five

    The perfect Christmas present? A high five from President Obama.