04/19/2012 01:18 pm ET

'Unreasonable At Sea': Contest For Tech Social Entrepreneurs To Travel, Save The World!

Winning this contest is possibly the only time you'll have reasonable license to sing, "I'm on a boat, [expletive]. Everybody look at me!"

The Unreasonable Institute has announced "Unreasonable At Sea," a contest that will choose 10 tech companies that are working to solve major global challenges. Winners will travel to 14 countries by boat to pitch their ideas and get advice from top companies around the world, according to the website.

The Institute has teamed up with Semester at Sea, and will bring along 20 mentors from companies such as Google and National Geographic, as well as serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

"So to recap, 10 tech companies, 20 mentors, one ship, 14 countries, and one unifying belief that entrepreneurship will change the world," the "Unreasonable at Sea" video states.

Think you've got the idea to change the world? Applications close May 20, and the trip begins in January 2013. Find out more about the contest here.

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