04/20/2012 11:09 am ET | Updated Apr 20, 2012

Pakistan Air Crash: Passenger Plane Crashes Near Islamabad

A passenger plane carrying 127 people has crashed into a residential area on its approach to Islamabad International Airport in Pakistan.

The Bhoja Air Boeing 737, flight BHO-213, was descending for landing when the incident happened as it flew from Karachi.

Pakistan's Defence Minister said that the plane burst into flames a few miles from the airport near Chaklala, Rawalpindi, at around 18:40 local time.

There were 118 passengers and nine crew on-board.

Pakistani Police have said there is 'no chance' of any survivors.

Karachi and Islamabad airports have been besieged with distraught relatives of those on board.

The plane came down near a residential complex but it is unclear if there were any casualties on the ground.

Rescue teams are at the scene and emergency official Saifur Rehman said: "We can see the plane's wreckage is on fire and we are trying to extinguish it. We are looking for survivors."

Local TV footage shows people searching by torchlight amongst mangled wreckage.

The cause is unknown but heavy rain was reported in the area at the time of the crash.

Bhoja Air had previously stopped operating in 2001 due to financial difficulties and had only started operating again last month.

Pakistan's worst air disaster happened only last July when a passenger plane crashed killing all 152 people on board.

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