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Virtual Reality: From Headsets To Handhelds (VIDEO)

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The worlds we can now enter with virtual reality technology are so stunningly authentic, it's hard to tell where true life ends and the virtual landscape begins. At the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies, researchers like Mark Bolas are dreaming up new ways to improve the immersive experience of virtual worlds. In the Mixed Reality lab, he and his colleagues are developing environments that not only look realistic, but feel realistic, both from a sensory-motor and a cognitive-emotional perspective. They have also developed an ingenious way to keep individuals who are fully immersed in a virtual world from running into walls and other obstacles that exist in the real world, by taking advantage of our own perceptual errors. And just this year, the Mixed Reality lab won an award for the FOV2GO, a 3D viewer that you can build yourself, transporting your smartphone into a handheld virtual reality experience.


To learn more about the FOV2GO virtual reality viewer and accompanying apps for your smartphone, click here.

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